Sometimes coaches need accountability too.

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Fellow teachers and friends,

It’s been a while since you’ve seen posts from me both here and on social media. I’d like to say “I just got busy” or “life happens” but in the end, they would just be excuses. Excuses I’ve heard from clients for years and excuses I’ve told them they can get past.

You see, I’ve spent the last few months moving my whole life into our first home (which I’m incredibly excited about). For over a month I didn’t have a kitchen and didn’t do much in the way of grocery shopping (more excuses).

This lead to a month of eating out, fast food and poor nutritional decisions. Coupled with travel, work, packing a house and unpacking a new house, there hasn’t been much time for the gym either (I’m full of excuses, apparently).

Could I have found a way to eat healthily and maintain an exercise regimen during this time of transition? Of course. The problem is, it was way easier to do the opposite because no one was holding me accountable.

Sometimes coaches need accountability too.

I often refer to myself as the “accountability ninja” to my clients. Some clients pay upwards of $180 a month for a 1-1 coaching program and while the lessons, workouts, and habits are great, it’s the accountability they’re paying for.

But what does a coach do when he/she needs accountability?

I’ve looked into several other programs/courses and even tried a few out but have not been able to find the same level of accountability I offer with my own Fit Teacher Academy. Understand that the reason the FTA is so successful is that it offers daily accountability. Yep, clients check in every. single. day. 

The last program I tried was designed by one of my favorite CrossFit athletes, Marcus Filly. I fell in love with the progression, the emphasis on core work and the classic bodybuilding techniques incorporated with a functional fitness spin. This program aligned with my beliefs about fitness 100%.

I was really doing great with the program but life got in the way and I eventually completely quit. 

Did Marcus or anyone from his coaching staff reach out to me to see what was up? Nope. Granted, I didn’t expect this going into the program but a simple, “Hey Steve, I noticed you haven’t checked in for a while… anything I can help with?” might have kept me going.

So, I’ve decided I’m going to put myself through my program again – with some help from you. 

I’m going to need YOUR help to stay accountable. In return, I’ll give you an incredibly great deal. Like, barely covering my overhead cost kind of deal. I know as much as I need this, there are others out there that need this too – especially with school starting.

Over the years I’ve learned that 20 is the perfect number of participants in a cohort. More than that, people get lost. Fewer than that, engagement goes down.

It’s also the number of dollars off I’m giving to do this program with me. No, not off the $179 coaching price but the $49 OnDemand price. I really want to make this affordable for you (and selfishly, I need your accountability!).

Plus, I know this program isn’t for everyone so you get to try the first month without paying a penny. After that, it’s just $29/mo for all of the daily lessons, workouts, and check-ins. Additionally, I’ll throw a private FB group together just for our cohort to help keep each other motivated and share tips, tricks and other information as we move through the program.

Registration opens today – Monday, August 13th and our official day 1 will be Monday, August 20th. Once we reach our cohort of 20, registration will close.

Check out all the details of the program here and use the coupon code “back2school” (without quotes) to receive the deal. Again, you don’t pay anything for the first month. 

Have questions? Reach out to me using the chat on this screen or shoot me an email here.

I’m really looking forward to going through this incredible program with you!


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