Rest day – Focus on your nutrition!

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Rest days are incredibly important to your progress and, if you’re training every day, will give your body the time it needs to recover and avoid overtraining. Yes, that’s right… OVER training. Pushing your body too hard for too long without the proper time to repair can lead to negative results including injury, chronic soreness and even weight gain.

Rest Day

“Rest” doesn’t mean you have to sit on your couch all day and watch a marathon of your favorite sitcom, either (although, even I fall victim to a good “Friends” or “Lost” marathon). You can still get some exercise in but it shouldn’t be as taxing as your regular workouts. A long walk, Yoga, foam rolling or stretching would be perfect and could even help your muscles repair faster. It’s also a great day to focus on your nutrition and nail it! Here are some very common dietary mistakes I see that you should focus on avoiding today: 

  • Going to the grocery store WITHOUT a list. 
    This is a bad idea not only for your waistline but also for your wallet! Walking around aimlessly in the grocery store will lead to overspending and indulging. Have a plan, make a list. I use the app “Anylist” which organizes my food by section in the grocery store! Also, as most of you already know, don’t go to the grocery store hungry. Eat a meal BEFORE going to the museum of temptations.
  • Eating in front of the computer or boob tube (do they still call it that?!)
    If you mindlessly eat, you’re more likely to lose focus of how much you’re eating and overdo it.
  • Snacking on empty calories – they aren’t worth it!
    At my place of employment, there is a big ‘ol vending machine PACKED with empty calories. Avoid these at all costs. Pack your own healthy snacks ahead of time. Aim to include protein in every snack – for example, almonds, greek yogurt, apple with nut butter etc.
  • Eating out of a box or bag!
    If you want to avoid overeating, ditch the box! Eating out of a bag or box is the easiest way to overeat. Sure, we all have the intention of “only having one or two pretzels” but as you scrape the bottom of the bag 10 minutes later, you realize you’ve just consumed the whole thing! Pay attention to your portion sizes so you don’t over do it!
  • Eating “convenience” foods.
    Watch out for “grab and go” foods that come in handy packages. This usually means they’re packed full of preservatives and ingredients even a rocket scientist couldn’t pronounce. Pack your own healthy foods that can be taken “on-the-go.”

Take a rest day at least once per week and really focus on nailing your nutrition. Not only will your body thank you but you’ll come out of it ahead and ready to tackle the next few days of training!

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