Here’s how to find time to work out

In Fitness by Coach Steve

If you’re a teacher, you’re very familiar with the “hectic schedule.” Most of us have some kind of commute to work, lesson plans to create, papers to grade, emails upon emails to respond to, meetings to somehow work into our day and then everything else we can’t fit in needs to be done at home… during our “free” time. It’s no wonder “working out” isn’t at the top of many teacher’s priory lists.

Most of us have a prep period (or two if you’re among the lucky few). This is a great time to squeeze in some fitness that’s going to be effective but not get you sweating through your outfit. You can do a few sets of squats, pushups, lunges and even a 2 minute plank to activate your core. If you’re really serious, you can even keep a resistance band or two – even some light dumbbells at school to do some reps while you’re working!

Teacher at DeskDo you sit at a desk for a portion of your day? You can even get a workout in while you’re at your desk! Isometric ab contractions can tighten your tummy without drawing attention to yourself. To perform these ab contractions simply sit up straight at your desk with feet flat on the ground.  Squeeze your abdominal muscles and hold for 30 seconds. Eelease and repeat. Follow this with some seated calf raises. These will help you tone and strengthen your legs without much effort. Just sit at your desk with feet flat on the floor, raise your heels (toes stay on the floor) while flexing your calves, lower and repeat.

HIITIf you’ve got some time to do a few higher impact exercises, you’ll get the biggest bang for you buck from high intensity interval training (HIIT). You can get a high intensity workout done in as little as 15 minutes.  Interval training uses a combination of high intensity exercise for 30s-1m then 30 seconds of break. This will not only give you a big calorie burn during the workout but is proven to continue to burn calories long after the workout. HIIT exercises to consider include jump squats, burpees, lunge jumps and step ups.

Don’t let “being a teacher” be your excuse for not being fit. Finding time throughout your day to work on fitness is key. If you need some help finding workouts that work with a busy teacher’s schedule, don’t hesitate to email me or use the contact form below. I’d be glad to help!

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