Here’s how to run a successful health challenge in your school

I’ve been running weight-loss and health challenges in schools for many years. Through trial and error, I’ve managed to figure out exactly what it takes to run a successful challenge for teachers and school staff. Before you begin your next “biggest loser” challenge in your school, make sure you check out these five tips to ensure it runs smoothly and … Read More

Stop thinking like a teacher!

Admit it… As teachers we strive to help our students achieve 100% on everything they do. We want them to do perfect on that math test, ace that spelling quiz and we always write “100%” on a homework or assignment with a little more joy than a number less significant, right? Could that mentality be hurting us when it comes to … Read More

“Unprocessed” Fitness

Here at the Fit Teacher Project, we’re always encouraging our clients to eat as many whole, unprocessed foods as possible. It’s obvious who wins in a whole vs. processed debate but I want to talk about whole vs. processed fitness. Go ahead, type the word “exercise” into a google search. TELL me it’s not easy to get overwhelmed with the results. … Read More

You need this. Everyone does.

I am consistently approached with questions about accountability. As teachers and as humans, we have no problem holding other people accountable for their actions, right?. We hold our students accountable for their work and when they fail to come through on their obligations, we seek appropriate consequences (then we get yelled at by their parents for doing our jobs correctly, … Read More

Rest day – Focus on your nutrition!

Rest days are incredibly important to your progress and, if you’re training every day, will give your body the time it needs to recover and avoid overtraining. Yes, that’s right… OVER training. Pushing your body too hard for too long without the proper time to repair can lead to negative results including injury, chronic soreness and even weight gain. “Rest” … Read More

Here’s how to find time to work out

If you’re a teacher, you’re very familiar with the “hectic schedule.” Most of us have some kind of commute to work, lesson plans to create, papers to grade, emails upon emails to respond to, meetings to somehow work into our day and then everything else we can’t fit in needs to be done at home… during our “free” time. It’s … Read More