Sometimes coaches need accountability too.

Fellow teachers and friends, It’s been a while since you’ve seen posts from me both here and on social media. I’d like to say “I just got busy” or “life happens” but in the end, they would just be excuses. Excuses I’ve heard from clients for years and excuses I’ve told them they can get past. You see, I’ve spent … Read More

Here’s how to run a successful health challenge in your school

I’ve been running weight-loss and health challenges in schools for many years. Through trial and error, I’ve managed to figure out exactly what it takes to run a successful challenge for teachers and school staff. Before you begin your next “biggest loser” challenge in your school, make sure you check out these five tips to ensure it runs smoothly and … Read More

Stop thinking like a teacher!

Admit it… As teachers we strive to help our students achieve 100% on everything they do. We want them to do perfect on that math test, ace that spelling quiz and we always write “100%” on a homework or assignment with a little more joy than a number less significant, right? Could that mentality be hurting us when it comes to … Read More

Guide to Eating Healthy at Restaurants

Perhaps you’re on a family vacation and decide to stop for dinner. Maybe you’re at a conference and decide to eat out with other conference goers. Or perhaps you’re meeting coworkers for happy hour and/or dinner after work. The situation may change but inevitably you’re going to be faced with the same question: “what am I going to eat?” Use … Read More

Paleo Pulled Pork

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This has to be not only my favorite pork recipe but also my favorite crock pot recipe. It’s incredibly easy PLUS it’s PALEO and Whole 30 compliant! The perfect recipe for the busy teacher! Paleo Pulled Pork Print Recipe Servings Prep Time 8 servings 20 minutes Cook Time 8 hours Servings Prep Time 8 servings 20 minutes Cook Time 8 … Read More

“Unprocessed” Fitness

Here at the Fit Teacher Project, we’re always encouraging our clients to eat as many whole, unprocessed foods as possible. It’s obvious who wins in a whole vs. processed debate but I want to talk about whole vs. processed fitness. Go ahead, type the word “exercise” into a google search. TELL me it’s not easy to get overwhelmed with the results. … Read More

Bone Broth – Why you need this!

Bone Broth Recipe and Benefits

Ok, we admit this may be a bit “old-school” but there may be some truth behind your grandmother telling you that drinking your broth will ail your body… Often when cooking, bones are the first part of the animal we toss in the trash or hand-over to the dogs as a delicious treat but these dry, rough textured skeletal pieces actually contain … Read More

Paleo Chicken Nuggets (Whole 30 Friendly, too!)

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These tasty chicken nuggets are a perfect appetizer to bring to your Super Bowl party this year! Don’t wreck your nutrition plan just because there isn’t anything healthy at the party… BRING THESE so that no matter what, you’ve got something you know you can eat and feel good about. Paleo Chicken Nuggets (Whole 30 Friendly, too!) Print Recipe Prep Time … Read More

Brazilian Fish Stew

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In honor of the Summer Olympics, we put together this Brazilian *inspired* dish. This is more or less a fusion of two traditional Brazilian dishes: one from the north and one from the south. The first, vatapa, is more in line with the flavors in the ingredient list, but they are all blended together into a paste. Yep, a paste made … Read More

Chocolate Oat Energy Bars

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These are SUPER easy to make and provide a quick, easy snack to grab and GO. I keep these in the freezer and throw one into my bag anytime I think I’m going to run short on time for a meal. They’re also a great breakfast or post-workout snack! Let us know what you think! Chocolate Oat Energy Bars Print … Read More