Stop "dieting" and start living a happier, healthier life.

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Nutrition and Fitness for Busy Teachers

Is your diet "broken?"

Are you too busy to workout?

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Our Curriculum has helped

Lose over

Getting Started is Easy

Step one to get started with the Fit Teacher Project

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We want to hear about specifically where you struggle and how we can help you reach your goals.

Step two, create a plan

Create a plan

We will work together to develop a plan that doesn't include restrictive dieting or counting calories

Step three, get results!

Get results

Daily lessons and habit check-ins will help you to stay accountable, maintain motivation, and reach success

Abby B from Pittsburgh, PA

"During this program I learned to establish healthy rules for eating, routines and system to sustain the lifestyle and an unwavering mental mindset that wants to continue these habits so I can live my best life."

Abby B. - Kindergarten Teacher
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Annette from Pittsburgh, PA

"I'm not the only one that benefited from the clean eating...the hubs has been loving the recipes and hates traveling for work even more now. And I feel better about enjoying a treat or two on the weekend without as much guilt."

Annette M. - 1st Grade Teacher
Sewickley, Pennsylvania

Michelle from Virginia

"Instead of piling on all the healthy changes that one needs to implement to create a healthy lifestyle all at once, this program provides a step by step guide that helps create habits (Helps prevent feeling like a failure if you fall off the wagon)."

Michelle O. - 5th Grade Teacher
Ruckersville, Virgina

Melanie from Texas

"This has helped me because the group gives me accountability and support from individuals that understand the stresses of my job and the time it takes. I was able to lose over 20 lbs and turn my health around."

Melanie P. - PPCD Teacher
San Antonio, Texas